Welcome to Science Fiction Remnant

The ultimate podcast for sci-fi lovers who crave deep dives into the wildest theories. Our show explores the most fascinating and thought-provoking topics in books, movies, TV shows, and games. We’re not afraid to tackle the big questions, whether it’s the nature of reality, the ethics of genetic engineering, or the future of human evolution. And we don’t shy away from controversy, either.

As a podcast, we’re dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and engaging analysis and critique of science fiction content. We are passionate about the genre. We delve into the nuances of each topic, discussing the complex themes and ideas that make science fiction such a unique and compelling genre.

But we’re not just about analysis and critique. We want to hear from you, too. If you have a sci-fi topic or theory you’d like us to discuss, submit it [Here]. We’ll do our best to cover it in a future episode. We believe in a community-driven approach, so we encourage feedback, questions, and suggestions from our listeners.

As we explore the world of science fiction, we embrace all aspects of the genre, including spoilers. We believe that analyzing a work of fiction requires thoroughly examining its plot, characters, themes, and motifs. Spoilers can be sensitive, so we encourage our listeners to watch, listen, or read before tuning in.

Science Fiction Remnant strives to be an inclusive and welcoming podcast. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and imagination. Our podcast is for everyone who loves science fiction, and we’re excited to share our passion with you.

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